Choose a specific location, date, and time to establish the map's setting. Additionally, you have the option to place map markers


Personalize all of the text as you see fit: the date, location, and coordinates will be pre-filled based on the location and time you choose, but these can also be edited. The font and text sizes can be adjusted in the advanced tab.


Ready to personalize your map? You have the freedom to choose from a variety of predefined designs and further customize them. Adjust border styles, select different color options for your map, markers, poster, and text, and fine-tune additional settings to create a map that perfectly suits your style.


Discover the ideal match for your space. Our range includes various sizes and options in both framed and mounted styles, suitable for any wall.

Our standard sizes
A Sizes

This is designed for the perfectionists, the bold adventurers who really want to take personalization to new heights. But you can always reset these settings if you make a mistake.

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