Create a Stunning 1 Year Anniversary Gift

In the realm of romantic commemorations, Maps of the World elevates your anniversaries with our tailored collection of map-based gifts. Our custom map posters, star map posters, and country silhouette prints provide an elegant way to celebrate your first year of marriage. Envision a 1 year anniversary gift that beautifully captures significant locations from your first year together-the exact place where you celebrated milestones, the countries that played a backdrop to your adventures, or the night sky under which you shared unforgettable moments. These creations do much more than adorn your walls; they interweave your personal milestones into a narrative that becomes a part of your home's storytelling.

Diving into our offerings, you're invited to create a gift that not only marks a year of shared life but also serves as a lasting testament to the love and memories you've cultivated. Whether you're searching for paper anniversary gifts or something uniquely personal, imagine giving a gift that captures the essence of your first year, offering a tangible representation of your journey. Embrace this chance to celebrate, share, and preserve the most precious moments of your union with a map that distinctly narrates the bond of your hearts.

“Gorgeous, bought a framed print for my husband’s birthday as a lovely reminder of our holiday, he’s absolutely thrilled!”  

Annabel Marsh

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Lori Buckley

Amazing quality, and quick delivery too!”

Gregg Haynes

“Lovely personalised gift for our friends who live in London, would highly recommend”

Dan Thorpe

“Superb quality and very well packaged, it’s hanging on our wall already!”

Alison Morley

"Great present for my wife and something a bit different."

Stewart Winters

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Gwen Stanton

“Very well presented and arrived so quickly, can’t wait to give it to our friends!”

Carolina Weber

“Perfect reminder of our honeymoon in Hawaii, great quality print & frame.”

Marcus Hutton

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Keira Higgins

“A Lovely and unique gift for my sister and her fiancé who emigrated to Australia."

Justin Powell

“Ordered a gold framed print for Mum & Dad, now pride of place in their living room. Would highly recommend!"

Hailey Kennedy



Commemorate your first year together with a custom map poster that is skillfully crafted to capture the special places that tell the story of your first year as a married couple. This thoughtful paper anniversary gift is perfect for celebrating the key events that have defined your journey together, from your wedding venue to other memorable locations you’ve explored.

Our extensive customization suite invites you to select from over 50 exquisite color schemes, introduce a custom map marker, and personalize with map titles, subtitles, and taglines. This makes it an excellent gift idea that reflects both of your styles, whether it's a 1 year anniversary gift for him or for her. With precise tools, you can ensure the map pinpoints the exact locations that hold significance in your relationship, adding a unique touch as profound as your bond.


    Navigate our search tool to find any location across the globe, enhancing your 1 year anniversary gift for him or for her with our detailed zoom functionality.


    Engage in the creative process with over 50 beautiful color schemes, or customize your own palette to ensure the map aligns with your personal aesthetic, making it a meaningful anniversary gift.


    Select from our range of six distinct print sizes and choose between sophisticated frame colors of black, white, or natural. This versatility ensures your design complements your home decor beautifully.



Celebrate your first year of marriage with a custom star map, intricately capturing the celestial scene of your most memorable nights from the first year of marriage. Whether it was the sky above on your wedding night or another special evening, our star map poster lets you precisely chart the heavens with detailed customization.

The stars that shone on those key nights are forever immortalized, providing a unique and meaningful way to commemorate your journey together. More than just a map, this is a cosmic celebration of your one year anniversary, artistically weaving the magic and romance of those nights into a visual story that echoes your shared path.


    Pinpoint the exact celestial display with our advanced tools, ensuring your 1 year anniversary gift for her or for him reflects the true night sky of your chosen date and location.


    Personalize your star map with custom text-adjust everything from the signature to the heading and a heartfelt message, making your paper anniversary gift a deeply personal memento of your first year together.


    Leverage our custom color picker for full creative control, allowing you to fine-tune the colors of the stars, sky, text, and more, ensuring your one year anniversary starmap perfectly matches your aesthetic preferences.



Honor your one year anniversary with a country silhouette print, paying tribute to the locales that played a pivotal role in your initial year of marriage. Whether it's capturing the country of your wedding, a memorable honeymoon, or a place you dream of visiting together, our silhouette print allows you to immortalize these significant settings in your 1st year anniversary gift.

This print is not just a depiction of a location; it’s a celebration of the places where your lives have intertwined, offering a beautiful way to reflect on your journey together. Our silhouette maps encapsulate these memories in a striking visual format, whether it's marking a specific location, a significant journey, or a destination laden with shared dreams.


    Choose the country that signifies a special moment from your first year, detailed with the exact location, date, and time. Customize further with a unique map marker that highlights your cherished memory.


    Add a deeply personal touch to your 1 year anniversary gift with your own words. Edit the signature, heading, date, location, and coordinates, and include a tagline that captures the essence of your special day.


    Explore our extensive palette of pre-defined color schemes or utilize our custom color picker for ultimate creativity. Tailor your 1st year anniversary gift map to harmonize perfectly with your home decor.


Start Designing Your Paper Anniversary Gift Now!

At Maps of the World, we extend beyond traditional map-making to narrate the unique tales of your union, safeguard your precious memories, and celebrate the significant milestones of your first year together. Our collection, featuring custom map posters, country silhouette prints, and custom star map posters, is carefully designed to offer a personalized and intimate way to commemorate the milestones of your first year of marriage.

Whether you're looking for an exceptional paper anniversary gift that captures the essence of your first year, or seeking a distinctive way to depict the memorable moments you've shared, our maps provide a canvas for your memories. Each map is crafted with precision and personalized to reflect the depth of your experiences together.

Seize the chance to honor the places that have shaped your relationship, from the locations where you've shared joyous moments to the spots that hold significant meaning in your journey. Start creating your unique anniversary gift today with our maps, and ensure that the memories of your first year are beautifully preserved for years to come.


Q. I want to change the size of the marker on my custom map poster, is this possible?

A. While the option to adjust the marker size directly in our map editor isn't currently available, you can easily request this customization at the order stage. Simply mention your preference for the marker size, and our design team will be happy to accommodate your request to ensure your map perfectly meets your needs. This personalized touch will help make your map even more special.

Q. What paper quality do you use for printing the maps?

A. We use high-quality, 200gsm matte art paper for all our prints, ensuring a durable and premium finish that enhances the vibrancy of your chosen colors.

Q. Can I integrate personal messages into my map?

A. Yes, you can add custom text such as dates, a short message, or quotes directly on the map, making your 1 year anniversary gift even more personal and touching.

Q. How accurate are the star alignments on the star map posters?

A. We use the latest astronomical data to ensure each star map accurately reflects the night sky for any date and location you choose, perfect for capturing the essence of your 1st year anniversary gift.

Q. Can I adjust the font style and size on my silhouette map print?

A. Absolutely! Our map editor provides advanced options to modify the font style and size independently for each text element, giving you complete control over the appearance of your map.

Q. Are you map prints available a landscape?

A. Yes, all our map products can be designed in either portrait or landscape, allowing you to match the map to your space and design preferences perfectly. The option to switch between the two orientations can be easily done in in the editor.

Q. Can I preview my map before it is printed?

A. Yes, we provide a digital preview via email after you place your order, allowing you to review and approve the design before it goes to print.

Q. How quickly can I expect to receive my map poster?

A. For framed prints, you can expect delivery within 6 to 8 working days after placing your order, while unframed prints typically arrive in 4 to 6 working days. Delivery times may vary based on your location. For more detailed information on shipping schedules, please refer to our delivery information page. We are committed to ensuring your custom map reaches you as soon as possible.