Create your own Stunning Star Map Gift

Amidst the vast canvas of the cosmos, each star narrates its tale, and every cluster of constellations preserves a cherished memory. Through our star maps, you're invited to immortalize the night's sky that shone on your special moments, transforming them into an enduring work of art that resonates with the significance of those times. These star maps extend beyond mere celestial depiction-they chart the course of your personal saga against the backdrop of the universe, allowing you to cling to those invaluable memories eternally. 

Whether commemorating the start of a romantic journey, honoring an anniversary, or crafting a unique gift to recall a memorable night, our star map generator  weaves the enchantment of the cosmos into your narrative. Embark with us on a stellar quest to craft a map that precisely mirrors the stars the night we met, transforming ephemeral moments into perpetual memorials.

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How to design your Star Map Poster

Creating your constellations map only takes a few simple steps, designed to transform your cherished memories into a celestial masterpiece. With our intuitive design process, you can effortlessly craft a stunning star poster that not only commemorates a special moment but does so with personal flair and style. 

From pinpointing the exact location and time to selecting your preferred design elements, each step is an opportunity to personalize and perfect your star-studded tribute.

Ready to begin? Let's create a star map that's as unique as your memories.


Designing a star map gift that perfectly captures the magic of your special moment is both easy and inspiring. With just a few clicks, you can select the precise date and time that holds significance to you, whether it's the stars the night we met, a proposal under the stars, or the evening of a landmark celebration. 

This simple process allows you to commemorate those pivotal moments with a custom star print that's as meaningful as it is beautiful. Let your creativity flow as you immortalize birthdays, anniversaries, or the quiet moments that mean the world.


    Specify your unique location, date, and time to ensure an authentic recreation of the night sky, imbuing your star map with unparalleled personal significance.


    Tailor every detail, from names and titles to dates, locations, and heartfelt messages, with the option to adjust the font style, ensuring your constellation map perfectly encapsulates your personal narrative.



Cusomizing your star map gift is straightforward and satisfying, offering you complete control over every aspect of its design. From the vast expanse of the poster to the intricate details of each star, border, and text-including the ability to adjust text size-you can easily customize your map to reflect your taste. 

Prefer a ready-made option? Choose from one of our eight stunning pre-made color schemes to quickly bring your vision to life. This flexibility ensures your constellation map is not just a representation of your memories but a reflection of your personal style and aesthetic preferences.


    Shape each element to your desire, from celestial colors to star intensity, borders, and text, or let our pre-designed color palettes spark your imagination.


    Choose from our array of 11 poster sizes and 6 frame styles, available in black, white, and natural, with or without a mount, making your star map a seamless addition to any room.


Looking for Some Inspiration?

Dive into a world of celestial beauty with our star maps gallery. From vibrant color palettes to elegant designs, find the perfect inspiration for your constellation map and bring the magic of the night sky into your home or the heart of someone special.

Start your Star Map Journey Now!

As we chart the skies of our intertwined tales, our star maps illuminate the indelible encounters beneath the cosmic expanse. Embarking on the creation of your custom star map transcends a mere capture of the heavens; it's a celebration of a bond etched in the celestial fabric. Each constellation map we craft is more than a mere artifact; it's a gateway to relive those magical moments of happenstance and enchantment. 

Consider this your personal invitation to honor the beginnings of your story together, to forge a legacy that echoes through the annals of time and the cosmos. Begin crafting your celestial odyssey now, preserving the brilliant essence of star map memories for eternity.


Q. What factors should I consider when customizing my star map gift?

Reflect on what aspects of your experience you wish to highlight. Including names, the specific date, and the precise location are key to tailoring your custom star map. Adding a personalized message or meaningful quote that resonates with the emotions of that occasion can further enrich the narrative of your map. Each element you choose plays a significant role in narrating the unique story captured by your star poster.

Q. How accurate are the star formations depicted in your star maps?

A. Each of our star maps is meticulously generated using up-to-date astronomical data, guaranteeing a true-to-life portrayal of the night sky specific to your memorable occasion. Whether capturing the essence of your first date or celebrating a significant milestone, rest assured that the stars layout on your constellation map will reflect the exact celestial scene from your special date with precision and authenticity.

Q. Is it possible to change the font style and size on my star map for a unique touch?

A. Yes, in the advanced section of our editor, you have the flexibility to change both the font style and size of each text line independently, allowing for a highly personalized star map gift that truly reflects your individuality and the significance of the occasion.

Q. Can I order my custom star map in landscape?

A. Yes, all our map products, including the custom star map, offer the option to choose between portrait and landscape configurations. This choice can be made easily within the map editor, giving you control over how best to present your celestial memory.

Q. What are the shipping options for my star map creation?

A. We're pleased to offer free shipping for both framed and unframed maps to several regions, including the United Kingdom & Ireland, Europe, the United States, and Australia, ensuring your constellation map arrives safely and without extra cost. Please see our delivery information page for estimated shipping times.

Q. What type of paper is used for printing my star map?

A. Our star maps are printed on premium 200gsm matte art paper, a high-quality, heavyweight material chosen for its ability to present designs with impeccable clarity and smoothness. This museum-grade fine art paper not only ensures the highest consistency in print quality but also pairs wonderfully with our UV pigment-based inks. This combination amplifies the richness and vibrancy of your selected colors, transforming your star map into an exquisite piece of art.

Q. Is there a way to preview my design before finalizing the print?

A. Absolutely! Once your order is placed, you'll receive an email from us featuring a preview of your design. This crucial step allows you to review and approve your creation, ensuring that every element of your custom star map aligns perfectly with your vision before we initiate the printing and delivery process.

Q. What payment methods are available for my purchase?

A. We gladly accept a variety of payment options, including all major credit cards and PayPal, to facilitate a smooth and secure checkout process for your convenience.