Create your own citymap color scheme

Give your map a truly unique & amazing look With our custom color picker tool. In just a few clicks you can change the color of roads, land, waterways, buildings, and much more!

In this guide we'll walk you through the super easy steps to create your very own one-of-a-kind work of art:
step 1
Open the "Pick A Map Color & Layout" section.
step 2
Click "open color picker".
step 3
In the "General" tab pick the area you would like to edit, for this example we'll select "Land". If you know the hex code you can enter in the box provided, or simply click the box to open up the color picker.
step 4
Changing color and tone:
  • A - To change the color, click and move the two arrows in the right hand column.
  • B - You can adjust the tone by clicking and dragging the cursor within the box on the left hand side.
step 5
Click "Close" to exit the color picker.
step 6
Tip: You can edit the color of buildings, national parks, and pitches by clicking the "Land Use" tab.

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