Craft the Perfect Personalised Wedding Gift

Celebrate the love and union of your favorite couple with a bespoke personalied wedding gift. Our custom map posters, star map posters, and country silhouette prints offer a thoughtful way to commemorate the couple’s wedding day. Imagine giving a gift that beautifully captures the church where they married, their honeymoon destination, or the stars under which they celebrated. These pieces do more than decorate a home; they weave the couple's unique love story into a narrative that becomes a cherished part of their new life together.

Dive into our selection and create a gift that not only marks their special day but also serves as a lasting emblem of the love and memories they’ve shared. Whether you're looking for wedding gift ideas or something incredibly personal, envision presenting a gift that vividly commemorates their wedding day, offering a tangible connection to their joyful celebration. Embrace this opportunity to honor, share, and immortalize the most cherished moments of the couple's wedding with a map that eloquently tells the story of their union.

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Amazing quality, and quick delivery too!”

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Dan Thorpe

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Hailey Kennedy



Give the newlyweds a truly unique gift that celebrates their union with a custom map poster, artfully designed to capture the significant locations of their love story. From the spot where they exchanged their vows to their favorite getaway destinations, this map poster encapsulates key moments that have shaped their journey together. It serves not only as a piece of art but as a lasting narrative of their relationship, making it an ideal gift for commemorating their wedding day.

Our extensive customization options allow you to select from over 50 stunning color schemes, incorporate a custom map marker, and personalize the map with titles, subtitles, and taglines. This level of detail ensures the gift is tailored to the couple’s tastes and memories, making it a standout choice for any wedding gift.


    Use our precision search tools to pinpoint any location worldwide, enabling you to capture the exact spots that are meaningful to the couple, from their first date to their wedding location.


    Dive into the customization process with our broad array of color schemes, or create a unique color palette that perfectly suits the couple’s style, enhancing the significance of your gift.


    Choose from six different print sizes and select from elegant frame options in black, white, or natural wood. These choices ensure that the map beautifully complements their home decor.



Craft a unique and heartfelt wedding gift with our country silhouette print, celebrating the significant places that have defined the couple's journey together. Whether it's the country where they were married, where they honeymooned, or a place they aspire to visit, this print immortalizes these special locales in an artistic and personalized manner.

More than a simple depiction of a location, this print honors the settings where the couple's paths have come together, reflecting beautifully on their shared experiences. Our silhouette maps are crafted to visually represent these important moments in a format that is not only striking but deeply meaningful, making it a lovely personalised wedding gift for the happy couple.


    Choose a country that resonates with the couple’s story, detailed with the exact location, date, and time of their cherished events. Customize further with a special map marker that highlights these significant memories.


    Enhance the silhouette print with personalized text options, allowing you to include their names, the date of the wedding, or a custom message that captures the essence of their relationship.


    Explore a wide array of pre-defined color schemes or create your own a custom color palette that complements the couple’s home decor, ensuring the gift is as aesthetically pleasing as it is sentimental.



Celebrate the union of the newlyweds with a custom star map that captures the celestial scene from their wedding night. This map is not merely a representation of the stars; it’s a detailed celestial snapshot that brings to life the romantic evening when they vowed to journey together. It's the perfect wedding gift for any couple who cherishes the stars under which they united, this star map transforms a deep, celestial connection into a visual masterpiece.

The constellations that adorned the sky on their special day are precisely mapped, providing a unique and poignant way to memorialize their bond. This star map isn’t just a keepsake; it’s a cosmic ode to their love, intricately weaving the magic of their wedding night into a story told through the stars.


    Utilize our sophisticated tools to recreate the exact night sky of their wedding, ensuring the star map is an authentic representation of their momentous day.


    Personalize the star map with custom text adjustments, such as adding the couple's names, the date, and a personalized message. This makes your wedding gift even more special.


    Our custom color picker allows complete creative control over every aspect of the star map, from the hues of the constellations to the background sky and text elements.


Create Your Personalised Wedding Gift Now!

At Maps of the World, we redefine the art of map-making by capturing the unique story of each couple's relationship, safeguarding their cherished memories, and celebrating the pivotal moments of their wedding day. Our curated collection, which includes custom map posters, country silhouette prints, and custom star map posters, is exquisitely designed to offer a deeply personal and intimate way to commemorate their special day.

If you're in search of a distinctive wedding gift that truly captures the essence of the couple’s union, or if you want to vividly depict the memorable moments they have shared, our maps provide a perfect canvas. Each piece is meticulously crafted with precision and customized to reflect the rich tapestry of the couple's experiences together.

Seize the chance to celebrate the locations that have been instrumental in their relationship, from the places where they have shared their happiest moments to those that hold profound significance in their lives. Begin creating a bespoke gift with our maps today, and ensure that the memories of their wedding day are elegantly preserved for years to come


Q. Can I customize the size of the marker on my custom map poster for a wedding gift?

A. Although direct adjustments to marker size are not available in our map editor, you can request this customization during the order process. Just specify your desired marker size, and our design team will work to accommodate your needs, ensuring your map uniquely represents the couple's journey.

Q. What type of paper do you use?

A. We print all maps on premium 200gsm matte art paper, ensuring a durable and vibrant finish that enhances the visual appeal and longevity of your personalised wedding gift.

Q. How accurate are the star alignments on the custom star map posters?

A. We utilize the latest astronomical data to ensure that each star map accurately depicts the night sky as it appeared on any given date and location, making it an ideal keepsake for commemorating the couple's wedding night.

Q. Is it possible to adjust the font style and size on my custom star map?

A. Yes, our editor provides the flexibility to independently adjust the font style and size for each text element on your star map, allowing you to personalize your wedding gift to match the couple’s preferences.

Q. Can the map prints be designed in a landscape orientation?

A. Definitely! All our map products can be designed in either portrait or landscape orientations, accommodating your or the recipient’s space and design preferences.

Q. Can I preview my map before it is finalized and printed?

A. Absolutely! After placing your order, you will receive a digital preview of your map, enabling you to review and request any necessary adjustments before we proceed with printing. This ensures that your personalised wedding gift meets your expectations.

Q. What are the delivery times for personalized wedding gifts?

A. Delivery times can vary based on the product and location, with framed prints typically arriving within 6 to 8 working days and unframed prints within 4 to 6 working days. For more detailed information, please consult our delivery information page.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction for your convenience.